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GAMA Global: Awards & Recognition

Be recognized as an elite global leader

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You’ve excelled as a leader and should be recognized for your efforts and the efforts of your team

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Global Recognition

As an awardee, you are being recognized beyond your company and country. Get the recognition you deserve on a global stage.

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Showcasing your achievement builds credibility and improves agent retention, company pride, agency pride, and team morale.

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Utilize your achievement to show potential recruits that they are joining an award-winning agency with globally-recognized elite leadership.


Please see individual award descriptions below for specific criteria and eligibility. You must be an active GAMA member to apply for any award.

Master Agency Awards are given to an agency head that is an active GAMA Global member at a firm with at least $7,800,000 USD in commission levels or $15,600,000 USD in premium levels during the previous year.

Award fee: $300 USD

The Master Multiline Award is given to an agency head that is an active GAMA Global member with an agency or firm that achieved at least $300,000 USD in gross life and annuity premiums and at least $10,000,000 USD in gross property and casualty premiums during the previous year.

Award fee: $300 USD

The International Management Award recognizes the achievements of first-line managers (heads of agencies or firms) and frontline or second- and middle-line managers (sales or unit managers). All qualifiers must be active GAMA Global members and must personally supervise full-time career agents, advisors, or sales representatives in the agency or firm.

Award fee: $150 USD

The Frontline Leader Award recognizes frontline managers, such as unit, division, or district managers who have direct responsibility for a portion of an agency or firm. All qualifiers must be current GAMA Global members.

Award fee: $100 USD

The Excellence Recruitment Award recognizes those individuals serving in an agency or firm who contribute to recruitment activities within the agency through outstanding performance.

Award fee: $75 USD

Get the recognition you deserve